The people who supply water, regulate its use and advocate for its vital role in California ecosystems are working together to find common ground in the California Bay-Delta watershed.

A coalition of federal, state, local agencies, farmers, nonprofits and conservation groups is focused on a comprehensive and effective approach to protecting fish and wildlife in the Delta and its key tributary watersheds, while ensuring water reliability for California’s agriculture and urban communities. This approach, referred to as Voluntary Agreements, are a better approach for the entire Bay-Delta ecosystem from a social, economic and environmental standpoint.

Voluntary Agreements will provide historic benefits to California’s people, wildlife and our environment. These agreements represent a more dynamic, creative and expansive approach to addressing California’s water challenges than past approaches. Similar agreements have been successful for many rivers such as the Yuba and American, and Butte Creek. All of these reconciled conflicts while improving the environment and water supply reliability.

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