Voluntary Agreements in the News

State, Federal Agencies Announce Agreement with Local Water Suppliers to Improve the Health of Rivers and Landscapes” California Natural Resources Agency and CalEPA, March 29, 2022

Water Planning in the Sacramento Valley” by IngraineD the California Rice Podcast, Oct. 4, 2021

The Myths and Facts–Sacramento Valley Salmon” Northern California Water Association, Oct. 7, 2021

ACWA Submits Letters Urging State and Federal Leadership to Continue with Voluntary Agreements” Association of California Water Agencies, May 15, 2020

Why State Water Contractors sued California over restrictions on water deliveries” CalMatters, April 30, 2020

SWC Sues State of California Over Updated Permit Conditions for the Long-Term Operation of the State Water Project” State Water Contractors, April 29, 2020

Statement on Incidental Take Permit Litigation Filing by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, April 29, 2020

Framework for Agreements to Aid Health of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Is a Startint Point with an Uncertain End” Water Education Foundation, April 17, 2020

Voluntary Water Agreements Get Nudge Forward from Administration” California Chamber of Commerce, February 18, 2020

Newsom’s water framework is imperfect but necessary. The alternative is further deterioration of the Delta” CalMatters, February 10, 2020

ACWA Applauds Gov. Newsom Comments in Support of Voluntary Agreements” Association of California Water Agencies, February 4, 2020

Gov. Newsom: California must get past differences on water. Voluntary agreements are the path forward” CalMatters, February 4, 2020

Newsom Voices Strong Support for Voluntary Agreements at PPIC Event” Association of California Water Agencies blog, January 29, 2020

Robert Shibatani Commentary: The Final Demise of Unimpaired Flows” Maven’s Notebook, January 28, 2020

Voluntary agreements are a better plan for California” Voices on Water, January 22, 2020

Project to restore American River for native fish leads to surge in salmon nests” Sacramento Bee, January 10, 2020

California rejects federal water proposal, lays out its vision for protecting endangered species and meeting state water needs” CALmatters, November 21, 2019

Commentary: Peace in California’s Water Wars is Within Grasp” PPIC, December 19. 2018

My turn: Peace in California’s water wars is within grasp” CALmatters, December 19, 2018″

Welcome to the Future of California Water Policy” California Farm Water Coalition